Science Behind Roulette

premier rouletteLuck is defined as an event, force or manifestation of circumstance beyond the limit of intention that has a positive or negative result. Winning and losing in gambling are usually blamed on luck, good or bad, even in games that based on skill and timing like poker and online blackjack. When it comes to online roulette, where the ball lands — color or number — and the resulting win or loss is regarded as the result of fifty-fifty odds. The more experienced gambler knows there is a little more to it than that. You can make more money on online australian casinos by playing one of the best games there.

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House Odds

The odds are always in the House’s favour. Don’t bother trying to beat them, especially in roulette. Do try to take advantage of a good streak. Roulette is a rather cut-and-dried game that creates as many winners as losers. Go with lower odds to extend play.


European rouletteAmerican and European roulette don’t use identical wheels. The American version sports an extra zero. Unfortunately the double zero means the House has a double advantage. No right-minded gambler desires double-odds against him or her. Play the European wheel with the single zero.


French rouletteRoulette is a French word that literally means little wheel On the European wheel, a gambler can place what is called en prison or the prison bet. It’s a bet made exclusively on even numbers that amazingly reduces the House’s advantage to lower than two per cent. If the balls hits zero, the bettor loses but the bet carries over to another free spins . A win on the next spin allows the bettor to regain half the original bet and minimize loss.

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Another thing to consider: the dealer or wheel controller usually has a pedal installed behind the contraption. The pedal is not visible to the gamblers. It gives that person the ability to regulate the wheel’s spin speed. Most people do not know this. Even if they do and they object, they will be advised to play a different type of game.

When It’s Time To Quit

Every bankroll has a limit. The average gambler doesn’t have a chip stack like a high roller. When the roll exhausts itself, it’s quitting time. It’s not time to pawn that nice watch or check the bank balance at the electronic teller or write a rubber cheque. The casino will be there next time, so just leave.